Thanks for visiting!  My name is Amy Novak and I started Acorn Design Studios in 2008 in Winston-Salem, NC. It was named after my family at the time (A=me, C=husband, O=dog, R=dog, N=all of us).  Originally, Acorn was an interior design business since I completed a B.A. in Interior Design at Salem College in 2007. Now after a couple kids and many years of chasing them around, I haven't done much interior design other than starting (not completing) projects in my own home. I have always been intrigued by graphic design and really came to love it through my coursework at Salem College where we frequently had to create signage and various marketing materials along with the interior design to make a complete design package. Thanks to that experience and a steady stream of friends and family asking me to design things for them, I've transitioned over to the graphic design realm. It may also have something to do with being able to work in my pajamas as well as the fact that digital files are much easier to manage in a sea of Legos, Barbies, Nerf guns, and scooters than floor plans and carpet samples are!

I'd love to talk to you about your design needs.  I usually create logos for small businesses and other causes and I can also create artwork for invitations, posters, etc.  Let me know what you have in mind!

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