Master Bath & Closet Remodel



The existing floor plan offered a very cramped master bath with a shower only.  

The hall bath offered nice double sinks,a tub/shower combo and a generous yet shallow linen closet.


The original wall of shallow closets in the master bedroom



 The original linen closet in the hall bath



 Out-dated & plain shower/tub in original hall bath


In the new floor plan, the large hall bath becomes the master bath with access 

gained via the new walk through "hers" closet.  The cramped master bath becomes a 

larger and more usable hall bath with access from the hallway.  



 View into the new Master Bath from the new walk-through "hers" closet.

Completed new "hers" closet (view from Master Bedroom)


 Inside view of new "hers" closet.  

Shelving was reused from the linen closet in the original Hall Bath. 

Updated shower/tub with new air-jetted tub in new master bath


 Elevation of new Hall Bath




Please check back soon for more updates and photos.